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Chairman : Dr. Park, Kwang Woo (Ken)

-Professor of Minnesota State University
-Taught at Scripps College, CA
-Taught at University of Redlands, CA
-Taught at Claremont Graduate University, CA
-Taught at Yonsei University
-Ph. D. in Economics from Claremont Graduate University
-M.A in Economics from Yonsei University
-B.A. in Economics from Yonsei University

Lead Pastor : Kwon, Yo Seop

Bible, Spiritual Development :

- Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Mokwon University
- Graduated from Methodist Theological University Graduate School
- Doctor’s Degree in Pastoral Theology from Christian World Mission College
- Released CCM Single Album, “오직 주안에”
- Committee of Process Notification and Vice-Captain of Revival Team for Korean
- Methodist Church - Gyeonggi Province
- Pastor at Haneul Church (Korean Methodist Church), Gunpo

Faculty : Bannister, Maya

English, ACT, SAT, TOEFL :

TESOL, ESL Teaching License
Faculty Iowa Lakes Community College, IA
Washington Elementary School, MN
Jefferson Elementary School, MN
Tecnologico De Monterrey Bilingual Junior High School, Irapuato
518 Worthington Schools, Worthington, MN
MA from Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
BA from Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
e-mail) maya.bannister@yahoo.com

Faculty : Kang, Michelle

English, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, Bible :

M.A.Christian Education from Liberty University
Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School, VA
William Ramsey Elementary school, VA
e-mail) designenglish@gmail.com

Faculty : Lee, Pyeong Hwa

Subject : English, ACT, SAT, TOEFL

-Bachelor's degree in English from Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
-Graduated from New Jersey United Christian Academy
-Certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
-Taught at Bulam Elementary School, Seoul
e-mail) sellbia1004@daum.net

Faculty : Kyle Thomas

Subject : English, ACT, SAT, TOEFL

-Graduated Minnesota State University, Mankato
-Bachelor of Science

Faculty : Park, Ji Hye

Subject : Science, Chemistry, AP Chem, ACT Math, SAT Math

-Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Yonsei University
-Science and Biology Teaching Licence
-Taught in Yongma Middle School, Seoul
-Taught in Daegyung Middle School, Seoul
e-mail) rubatosubito@naver.com

Faculty : Son, Na Yeong

Subject : Korean, Korean Essay

- Bachelor's degree in Korean from Mokpo National University
- Master’s degree in Korean Education from Mokpo National University
- Taught in Moontae High School
e-mail) wwong@hanmail.net

Falculty : Kim, Jun Sik

Mathematics, ACT Math, AP Calculus, AP Statistics :

-Bachelor's Degree in Math from Soongjeon University
-Master’s Degree in Computer Education from Dongyang University
-Taught in Ansan Choji High School(Mathematics department manager)
-Taught in Ansan Wongoc High School(Mathematics department manager)
e-mail) jsk1268514@hanmail.net

Faculty : Cho, Sun Young

Science, ACT Math, SAT Math :

- Bachelor's Degree in Microbe Food Engineering from Gyonggi University
- Representative and Educational Researcher (이야기로 여는 생명수학)
e-mail) sun95jun@naver.com

Faculty : Choi Jun Ho

Subject : Pysical education

- Bachelor's degree in Pysical education from University of Suwon
- Master’s degree in Pysical education from Inha University
- Bachelor's degree in Counselling Psychology(OCU)
- Haedong Japanese fencing (5th Grade), Judo(2nd Degree)
- Pysical Trainer
- Taught in Skysaem School

Faculty : Che, Ji Hye

Subject : Dormitory Teacher

- Studying English in Korea National Open University
- Bachelor's Degree in English from Jangan University
- Taekwondo 4th Dgree Black

Faculty : Lee, Byeong Seop

Subject : Dormitory Teacher

- Bachelor's Degree in Violin from Chugye University for the Arts
- Taught in Ajoong Middle School
- Member of Korea National Police Orchestra